My poem


Grunt roar.

Alligators swim sometimes.

                                     Alligators eat other animals.


How To Make Hot Chocolate

I will tell you how to make mug of hot chocolate!!!!

1)First you get the mug.

2) Next you get the ingredients.

3)Put cocoa sugar and milk in the mug.

4)Put the mug on the maker.

5) Close the lid.

6)After that take the lid off.

7) Enjoy!!!!!
Now you know how to make hot chocolate.


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Lauretta’s mom came to pick her up at school. Lauretta complained about how bad her wheelchair was and he mother said that they were going  to buy a new one today. They went to the Wheelchair Store and they looked for a new one. She tested many wheelchairs but none of them were fast enough. Lauretta went to the back of the store and asked if she could have the new 92-speed, black, silver, and red, dirt bike wheelchair. Her mother said it cost too much money but the store lady said they could take home for a day and see if they liked it. They went home and Lauretta drove the wheelchair on the driveway and crashed into her brother. Her mother said if she was going to drive so fast, then she should go on the road. So Lauretta went as fast as she could, but Lauretta went so fast that the police gave her a ticket. When she got back home she told her mother that she got a ticket and her mother was very upset. It was dinnertime and while they were eating Lauretta’s brother cut his finger. They all ran out to the car and they turned the key but the car wouldn’t start, so Lauretta used her wheelchair to drive her brother to the hospital. The doctor sewed up her brother’s finger. They went back home and her parents said she could keep the wheelchair but Lauretta didn’t want it anymore. It was TOO SLOW.



How to make a snowman

1) Get a lot of snow.

2)Roll the snow in to a big ball.

3) Get more snow.

4) Roll a medium sized ball.

5) Stick on the medium sized ball on the big one.

6)Get more snow.

7)Roll a small sized ball.

8)Get a carrot.

9) Get a hat.

10)Get buttin’s for the stomach.

11) Get to pesis of coll.

12) Get a broom.

That is how you make a snowman.